Friends at play

Here is a great example of two friends playing really nicely. They take turns and breaks regularly. Don’t be concerned about the teeth or Oz appearing to bite Leo, it’s all play; lips are long and their bodies and faces are all soft and goofy. Some great look aways towards the end but Oz couldn’t resist Leo’s ears and cheekily grabbed them while Leo was doing a shake off! Beau wanted to join in but could see that this game was just for Leo and Oz this time so had a little chat with Saffy instead. Very happy dogs πŸΆβ€‹


Another beautiful day with some fabulous dogs

We all enjoyed a lovely sunny walk around the lakes and fields at Cow Lane. Oz was full of his usual tigger energy, Fergus needing to get him in line when he got too bouncy πŸ˜„. Saffy and Misty were their usual smiley contented selves, splashing about in the water and bounding through the long grass. Leo did his best to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun 😊

Fergus brings up the rear

Leo enjoying a good roll in the grass πŸ˜„
Oz was too shy to let me snap him mid roll!

High spirits on PortholmeΒ 

All the dogs were in great moods thanks to the sunshine yesterday and had great fun playing, running through the long grass and buttercups. They made the most of the river to cool down, which was definitely needed! 

As you can see though, Dylan did all the work to swim out to fetch a stick, only to have Oz take it off him before he reached the shore. 

Lovely shot of Saffy in the buttercups 😊