Puppies and owners had fun playing swapsies with owners working with each other’s pups to help their socialisation. They then practiced self control with “leave”, resisting tasty sausage!

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New recruitย 

We had the lovely Max join us for his first pack walk today. He was a pleasure to have, very polite and friendly to all the others and he had a great time playing with Oz. Even grumpy Fergus thought he was ok! Welcome to the pack Max ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

dog walking
Handsome Max
dog walking huntingdon
dog days out
Getting aquainted
dog walking cambridgeshire
dog walking huntingdonshire
Taking it all in
dog walking cambridgeshire

Size doesn’t matterย 

Oscar and Floki have a great game of chase. You’ll see Floki disappear for a moment in the water, he fell in a bit of a dip and took a dunking! Oscar plays clever, waiting for Floki to run great circuits and cutting him off. If you’re wondering where Leo is, he’s sniffing away in the long grass๐Ÿ˜„



Puppies next stepsย 

A great class today, it was clear everyone had been practising since last week. Today pups and owners learned the very useful “back away” technique and “touch” which they all did brilliantly! The children all take a very active role in the training and show amazing commitment and responsibility, very impressive ๐Ÿ˜Š

puppy classes
The children worked as hard as the pups
training classes
Archie gets excited doing his “back away”
puppy classes
Love seeing whole families getting involved!
puppy training
Daisy demonstrates how to do “touch” perfectly
puppy school
Dave works hard for the boys
dog training
Widget likes touch, she gets to stick close to Mum
obedience training
Archie concentrates very hard