Welcome Ziggy 🐢🐾

We were joined again by Abby and Benji for this Monday’s Walk and Talk. We also met lovely newcomer Ziggy who slotted easily into the group with his jolly friendly manner. Ziggy bravely tested the water and had fun running and frolicking with the others. Lots of very happy tired dogs πŸ˜ƒπŸΆ

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Bertie and Oscar’s last lesson 🐢

Bertie and Oscar enjoyed their last advanced class revisiting the send away, impulse control retrieve and showing off how well they could settle on their mats with distractions. They had a little play with some passing puppies and Bertie ended the class playing with his blanket and trying to wear it as a cape! They and their owners have done extremely well having worked very hard over the weeks. Fabulous dogs, Leo and I will miss their company 🐢😊🐾

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Welcome to Louis 🐢

The lovely Louis joined our Monday Walk and Talk. Leo (having got to know him at our classes) introduced him to the others and showed him the joys of exploring long grass and bushes, although he was not so keen to join the others taking a dip in the water. Rodney kept his distance as he wasn’t so sure about the lively youngster. Louis seemed very happy and satisfied by the end and we look forward to many more walks with him πŸΎπŸ˜ƒWalk and Talk Huntingdon Dog training Cambridgeshire Dog training Huntingdon