Walk and Talks returning 🐾🐢

Walk and Talks will be starting again next Saturday 6th January at 10.30 and alternate Saturday’s thereafter. Monday and Thursday midday Walk and Talks will restart from Monday 8th January and Thursday 11th at 12.00. We meet at the green shelter in Hinchingbrooke Park 🌲. Let me know if you are returning or wanting to join to experience safe socialisation with lovely dogs and friendly owners 😊. Leo and I look forward to seeing everyone again and are always happy to make new friends 🐢🐾

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If you go into the woods today…..🐢🐾

Last walk before Christmas for the Thursday club and they made the most of it! They did some serious rabbiting 🐰, working together covering a rabbit hole each but were unsuccessful in their efforts. Murphy had a go at the park’s snowman trail quiz while the others concentrated on having simple fun. Fergus was nervous as he crossed the wobbly wooden bridge but was encouraged by his supportive friends 😊🐢

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Diesel power 🐾

Rodney couldn’t join us again sadly. Diesel continued his infatuation with Leo which led Fergus to keep telling him off so we took a break and Leo and I finished the walk with just our original Thursday club members. Hopefully back to normal again next week 😊🐢

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