We attended Carrie’s puppy training classes with our standard labradoodle puppy Milo.  As first-time dog owners, she helped us with the basics we needed to live with a boisterous and very enthusiastic puppy and we appreciated the practical and professional way in which Carrie delivered the training.  A year later we returned to Carrie for a series of four one-to-one sessions with Milo – both to help us build on those earlier exercises and to work on some new ideas to deal with bad habits we’d allowed Milo to develop as he’d grown up.  After these sessions, Milo is transformed and the bad habits have all but disappeared.   He is still a lovely friendly happy dog but we can now walk with him on the lead without feeling stressed – he remains calm and biddable and easily managed when we meet other dogs.  His recall when off the lead has also changed beyond all recognition – he now races back to us when called rather than ignoring us completely.  I am certain we would never have got here without Carrie’s help.  
Thank you again and best personal wishes
Jon. W. Feb 2020

Thanks for latest input Carrie.

I wanted to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you for the help you have given us with our bitch Labrador Ella.

You have been a mine if information and have shown us to teach Ella new skills and most importantly how to keep her calm and make her more confident. This has a resulted in a dog who is becoming less nervous and seems a happier animal.

The sessions have been interesting and fun for dog and owner

Looking forward to taking part in soon me of your rolling classes.

Best wishes Linda and Alan Burwood April, 2019

Tilly has completed both her Puppy classes and her advanced classes, great value for money, having never had a puppy before it gave my husband and I the confidence to teach her and understand each other. Tilly loved every minute of her classes and couldn’t wait to get there each week. We have learnt so much great classes 😊

Deran Beattie Oct 2018.


I contacted Carrie about puppy training classes as I am a first time dog owner and she put me at easy straight away. She has a great knowledge and you can see her passion for dogs. I attended the beginners classes and the advanced puppy classes and they are completely worth every penny. Over the different classes and the different techniques and games we were taught my confidence increased and I learnt how to understand my puppy more and the best way to continue with the training after the classes had finished. Couldn’t recommend enough, we will miss going to the classes.

Stephanie McDonald. Oct 2018

Carrie has been an absolute hero in helping us with our rescue Millie. M has lots of behaviour issues and was incredibly stressed when we first got her. Carrie has been working with us one-on-one and identified the issues and since then we have been working on what we can do to firstly calm her down and then start on things like behaviour control. After each session Carrie sends an email recapping what she has taken us through and giving us our homework for what we need to work on. Carrie’s walk-and-talk socialisation sessions have been incredibly good for Millie to get used to other dogs. Considering the improvement that Carrie has made to our ASBO dog then I am certain that she can help absolutely anyone! #GSP #rescuedog

Paul Rogers Dec 2018


I attended one of Carrie’s courses in Hinchingbrooke Country Park with my 3 month old Cockerpoo, Poppy. The course was really informative and Carrie is an excellent teacher – I am so much more confident with Poppy as a result of the course, and Poppy is a very confident puppy. It’s all down to Carrie as I was a completely novice dog owner and things like letting Poppy off the lead terrified me. Thanks to Carrie we’re out and about off lead everyday!

Helen Raynham

Dexter and Leo
Dexter 1

Carrie is the dog whisperer, we own a  well trained ,very obedient pug with an outgoing temperament, thanks to Carrie! ! She taught him all the commands we need and taught us how he learns which helps us continue to train him. We began with training in our own home and advanced to meeting at our local park , even training with her own dog Leo which was brilliant for socialising our dog . Carrie was always flexible with times and very understanding with last minute changes , superb value for money,I recommend with no hesitations .

Rob turner, little Paxton

Great start Sammi Drinkwater only had two lessons so far and he is ten times better already thanks

Robert Drinkwater, Brampton

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Carrie. From a puppy that I really wasn’t enjoying, to a lovely little boy who is now such a joy in and out the house. All thanks to Carrie. Thanks again.

Sandra  Coleman, Huntingdon.

We took advice from Carrie when we encountered problems with getting our dog Murphy to the vets primarily trying to get his yearly boosters done due to his fear of the vet . After an initial consultation with Carrie she put together a plan of action that we could work with in order to try and desensitise Murphy of his fear of the vet’s . Over several weeks we put the plan into action and with weekly visits to the vets we finally got to the point of him being able to have his annual boosters. Carrie even attended a couple of appointments with us and was really pleased with the progress we had made . Thank you Carrie for all the advice and guidance you gave us it really helped and we’re pleased to say that Murphy is much less stressed when visiting the vets and we did get his annual vaccinations all up to date.

Maxine Thompson, Huntingdon.


Review: My dog Marmalade often goes on pack walks with Carrie. Not only does she have a lengthy off lead walk, she is also socialised and trained. You can tell straight away how experienced Carrie is by how the dogs all respond to her. Marmalade absolutely adores her.

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