Puppies graduate with flying colours!

Training class

Sunday saw the final classes for my current cohort of pups and their owners, how the six weeks fly! It’s always so lovely to see the puppies grow and gain confidence with their training. This week we covered several new and useful exercises, which were “Crazy to Calm”, “Back away”, and “Name and Explain”. They all did great!

We finished off the class with each pup and their owner completing the mini-challenge, where they each complete a series of exercises we covered over the six weeks. Finally, everyone went home with their certificates and new knowledge to help them develop into even more wonderful pups. I shall miss them and their owners but hopefully will see them again.
We had Kevin from Mayhem Photo join us at the class, and you can see all the lovely photos from the puppy classes here: https://www.carrie-bates-puppy-3.mayhemphoto.co.uk/

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