Puppies graduate with flying colours!

Sunday saw the final classes for my current cohort of pups and their owners, how the six weeks fly! It’s always so lovely to see the puppies grow and gain confidence with their training. This week we covered several new and useful exercises, which were “Crazy to Calm”, “Back away”, and “Name and Explain”. TheyContinue reading “Puppies graduate with flying colours!”

Puppies Loose Lead Walking πŸ•πŸΎ

We were very lucky with the weather for our last puppy classes of the year. Beautiful sunshine highlighting the beautiful loose lead walking from all the puppies. This was followed by a game of puppies chasing their owners which they seemed to enjoy 😁 I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas and IContinue reading “Puppies Loose Lead Walking πŸ•πŸΎ”